Book Donations

We are always working to build our collection of books and other resources. However, given our limited physical space, variety of ages and interests of our patrons, and strict standards regarding the condition of items - we have found that the best way to do this is through conscious ongoing procurement of the materials our patrons tell us they are seeking. For these reasons, we do not accept donations of used books for our collection. However, we (like you) sure hate to see books in the trash, so would be happy to assist you in 're-homing' any items you wish to pass on. Donations of books received at our library location will be distributed to interested local literacy initiatives which offer these items to readers free of charge.

Monetary Donations

The Elmworth Community Library Society is a non-profit organization formed in 2015 to support the ongoing operation of a library in Elmworth, Alberta. The local residents who serve on the Society's Board of Directors help to guide the organization in many ways, including the development of our collections, programs, resources and community partnerships. While the County of Grande Prairie does take financial responsibility for ongoing operation of the library, monetary donations to the Elmworth Community Library Society are welcome, and can be allocated to support the library's programs and services as you choose.